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Mafia Wars
Posted 12 Apr 2009
As some may have noticed on my facebook profile, I'm a Mafia Wars player. Actually its almost the only thing I use my facebook profile for.

In that regard I have made a tool where fellow mobsters may register and set-up trade requests for the game.

Mafia Players can find it in the menu to the left.

Please do note that it is in BETA version and it may be changed and you even might have to re-register your data. But for now it may provide some help to you.

Comments are welcome on my facebook profile or in the contact box below.

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Updated 26 Nov 2008
I have been playing the online strategygame Travian for some time now. In this regard I have made a little usefull utility, where you can see the build relations between the buildings and units.

Building tree

You can find me on the danish servers (s4 and s5) under the name of Saggi.

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A rotating java applet image
Posted 08 Feb 2008
Some time ago I started to play with making applets. Mostly to do small games. But one feature I missed was the ability to rotate images. Swing do have some features to do so, but I decided to make my own.

See here how to do it...

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Last Scenario RPG
Posted 07 Feb 2008
By accident (Stumble again) I found this wonderfull RPG known as "Last Scenario".

Last Scenario is a RPG made with RPGMaker XP by SCF. Its free for download here among others, or just search for it on google.

Its just like the good old games, where you run around with a small pixelated character and try to save the world. The storyline is very well written and huge. It has some very nice graphics. This may as well have been a commercial game... but its just for free.

I'm not at the end yet - and have been playing for many hours - and I hope you will find just as much joy as I have in this gem of a game.