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Et Eventyr
Posted 16 Jul 2011
This is a small adventure game in Danish.

Jeg har lavet dette lille tekst eventyr. Det blev lavet for at kunne øve læsning for min søn. Især læseforståelsen kunne blive bedre, og hvad ville være bedre end et lille spil.
God spille lyst!

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Copenhagen Suborbitals
Posted 03 Jun 2011
Today two crazy Danes successfully launched a rocket. Sure I had to make a donation. This both makes me proud to be living in Copenhagen, their base of operation, but also that they prove to the world that you can achieve anything. Even as crazy as building a rocket and launch it.
Check out their site and see the video of the launch. You can also become a member of their support team.

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Updated 03 Jun 2011
I would like to draw you attention to Kiva.org. For as little as $25 you can make a change.

So far I have set-up only one loan, but its kind of interesting to follow how it progress.

Sure there is no real interest on the loans, but in reality there is a hight return on investment in happiness and joy coming from helping.

Hope you too feel inspired.

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Posted 27 Mar 2010
I have entered a new game. It's kind of special and require some mentioning here on my site.

This game, named Evoke, is about changing the world. A kind of social experiment, a fora, a game, all in one.

Its quite inspiring to read about others and see what links they have found. But try it out your self.

I got into the game after seeing Jane's video on TED. You could also start there.