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Who am I?
Posted 2007
I have a solid background as a Senior IT Consultant, IT Architect and developer, mostly for the Internet (e-commerce, b2b etc.) but also some applications, games and multimedia.

Iím specialized in integration and security, and can program in a lot of programming languages. My favorites are C/C++, Java and Delphi.

I live in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

My CV can be found here (In Danish).

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My new online game "DigiBot"
Posted 2007
This is a small online game I have made. The idea came to me some time ago when I played some of the many games where you have to move or push various objects around. I have always wondered - after having failed a level, 15 times in a row - why not have programs to do all the 15 steps until the point you fail. So here it is... make a program to solve a puzzle. And it's educational too... (not that you really learn to program a lot, but you might grasp the very basic concepts.)

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Navy Commander
Posted 2007
I had made a nice utility to help play King-and-Country.
Unfortunately it is not allowed and players might get banned for using it.
It can be seen here, if you wish to see what you could have had...

Guess I have to code my own game then... so do check out here now and then.