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Beautiful RPG Maps
Posted 11 Mar 2018
I have now for some time been looking at beautiful maps for role play games. I have drawn quite a bit in my time myself. But combined with my coding skills, I have decided to make a map generator.

It is pure Javascript, so the map is generated in you browser. It may take some time, so please be patient.

When done you can view it in B/W, Gray scale, Colors and change from flat view to 3D view.

The rebuild button recreates the map, and update the url, so you can book map any map you really like - saving seeds and viewing options.

Hit me...

... and resolution? Right click on the image and save. It should match printing in A4.


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Lær at kode spil!
Posted 23 Oct 2017
Jeg har i min efterårsferie lært mine unger en smule javascript, da de gerne ville lære at kode spil. I den sammenhæng har jeg lavet denne guide som gerne skulle kunne hjælpe dem som selv ønsker at gå i gang.

Det anbefales at sidde 2-3 stykker sammen, så man kan diskutere opgaver m.m. og dermed hjælpe hinanden lidt.

Jeg har ikke brugt megen tid på korrektur m.m. så du er velkommen til at skrive hvis du finder et par grimme fejl.

God kode lyst.

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The Maze
Posted 21 Oct 2017
A small simple javascript based adventure game. Enter the maze and enjoy. Goal is to get 5 swords, 5 hearts, 5 shields and 5 gold... without dying!

Enjoy The Maze
Use W,A,S,D to move.

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Micro RPG
Posted 16 Oct 2017
Jeg har lavet et lille rollespil. Det er et (ikke helt) simpelt javascript. Så hvis du har tid til lidt eventyr, så god fornøjelse...
Micro RPG