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12 Guardians
Posted Jan 2008
Yet another game for you!

I have for some time puzzled with some ideas for a card/puzzle game in the fantasy genre. Finally I got some time to get it coded. Its pure JavaScript so nothing fancy - even thou I did add some graphics and stuff to make it look well.

The game is fairly simple. You will face 12 guardians and have to figure out in what order and what skill to use to face each guardian in order to pass them all.


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New Design
Posted 2007
About time... I just rebuild the entire size, coding a basic php template framework. At work I had to implement a solution based upon phpBB and got inspired with way it handled templates. Now I build by own system that handles it in a way that suits this site.

At the same time I rebuild the graphical design. Changed the colors and the menu structure. Hope you like it - if you do, feel free to comment on it - if you don't... well comments are still valued!

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Posted 2007
I have just added some small java-script games to be played when you are bored, or as a tutorial in javascript for those who wish to see some java-script code...


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God, science and the creation of man.
Posted 2007
Due to a comment I made on K5 I got an email with a link to a site regarding the relation between science (Chaos theory, to be exact) and God.


I wondered a little, as this subject has been on my mind as well. I have used a lot of time with studies (especially in physics) that has made me come to a "special" kind of belief in regards to the creation of mankind by God.

I feel for those who still hang on to the belief that the universe was made in 7 days, and who belief Darwin was in error. In my opinion there is absolutely no problem between science and God.

Science shows us that the universe is a brilliant creation. In my opinion God therefore is brilliant. I will settle for nothing less.

Read my entire reply if you wish…