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  • flight1.3      Runtime release 1.3 (windows zip file) (3.407K)
  • flight1.2      Runtime release 1.2 (windows zip file) (1.740K)
  • flight1.1      Runtime release 1.1 (windows zip file) (1.734K)
  • flight1.0      Runtime release 1.0 (windows zip file) (1.709K)

    A fully functional Flight Simulator. Free to download and enjoy.

    FligtSim - HowTo and The Source Code
    I have written an article about how the flight simulator works and is build. Read it before you start to work on the code, as you need to have an overwiev of the concept and methods I have used. The Source code for release 1.2 is also available. It is not fully cleaned up or commented yet... sorry.

    Release Comments
    1.3: Sound finally added. Including engine, crash, wheels etc... Implemented with openAL.
    Update: 17 feb. 2005 - OpenAL32.dll added to zip.

    1.2: Fixed the "flickering" start screen. Windows did realocate my double buffers... grrr.
    Added some models. Control towers, Hangars etc...

    1.1: Auto adjust the view range to accomodate performance. Disable by pressing "v"
    New screen at intro. (Used to adjust the viewrange).

    Project is under development...
    Of cause I'm still working on improving it. I still have some bugs to fix around the system. It would also require some testing on various machines - not only in regards to performance, but mainly to see how the openGL react to different environments. My main focus now is to add other planes. Fell free to send me comments.

    Here you can see some screen shots from the flight simulator.

    Controls is "a" and "z" for speed up/down, and the mouse for direction control. "Esc" exits the program. Checkout the readme file for the latest update on keys and controls. Please note the program take some time to startup! (On my 2.6 GHz it takes 20-30 secs... a long time to wait with a blank screen.) Edit the data/world.xml file to change the world size, this will increase speed (but decrease world size...)

    Some other keys "d", "f", "m", "e", "r"... etc... is used to show debug information.

    The special features so far are LOD to increase performance, and a heavy use of optimized Frustum boundary boxes etc. Trees and Clouds (3 dimensional) give a nice touch, and the water have waves etc...

    I don't use any gfx extensions, so it should be able to run on most machines. Of cause the performance might differ, but try to decrease the view range in the setup file (found in data/setup.xml).

    Release 1.0 images:

    Pre-release images:

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